IELTS Speaking Test How do you Introduce yourself




Good morning / Good afternoon

I would like to introduce myself.

My name is (Your Name). I prefer to be addressed as ( Your nickname).


I am from (District) which is approximately (How KMS) away from Capital City (City Name) Now I live in (City Name). I have been living there for the last (amount of years) years.

Now, I would like to mention something about my education. Recently I have graduated from renowned University in ( Program Name) and preparing myself for higher studies. I am enthusiastic to study adboad. Currently I am preparing for my IELTS test.

I am from a nuclear/joint family and my family consists of ( number of member) members. Me, My parents and one/two sibling/( other members). I believe my family is an idle family. Every member of my family cares each others. My father is a (Profession) and my mother is a (profession). I love my family very much.

In my leisure time, I would like to travel, watching movies and hangout with my friends and I do not like to associate myself with my bad people. I dislike dishonesty.

My future plan is to pursue higher studies in a developed country abroad and return after completion. Then I would like to move my career as a business person.



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