In today’s time, mobile is not limited only to a medium of entertainment or communication. It has also become one of the tools to earn money. There are some mobile applications that help users to earn money online easily. For example – instead of participating in surveys, answering poll questions, or even playing games, these platforms offer their users various rewards and cash (Real Money Earning Apps). In this report, we will find 10 such best ‘Make Money Earning’ Apps (Make Money Online App). Every app mentioned in the report has excellent ratings on the Google Play Store.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a highly trusted money-making app these days. You can earn money by answering various quick surveys or simple questions through this platform created by the Google Survey team. For this, you need to create an account first. Only then can you participate in surveys and earn Google Play Credits in return. In this case, it is possible to earn play credit equivalent to a maximum of 0.39 USD per survey. And using this credit, you can buy other Play Store apps, starting from buying your favorite games, shopping, buying movie tickets, and buying music albums.



Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards



There are thousands of survey polls available on the EmoryWords app that you can earn money by participating. In this case, first, you have to choose the survey with the desired length and reward amount from the listed surveys. Then you will be able to earn by completing the survey. When it comes to survey topics – you have to give your opinion on politics, an upcoming product, a shopping experience, or a company’s choice of slogan.


The specialty of Swagbucks is that the money promotion we earn will help your Paytm Wallet / UPI / Bank corner. You can earn more than 1000 to 3000 rupees in reward instead of tasking with the Alochya app. Also can claim instant rewards by downloading offers from “EarnEasy”.


Earning cash from Polpay (earning real cash) is easy to do fast. For this and answer your poll to complete the task. And the money won by option M should be deposited in the wallet. It is possible to earn money from this platform by playing more games.

Pocket Money

A few tasks are very simple to complete in the Pocket Money application. After which users are asked to choose between unlimited wallet cash or mobile recharge options. Depending on the option you choose – from paying smartphone bills to booking cab rides, booking movie tickets, paying for shopping, etc.


Various types of polls, tests, and games can be participated in using AttaPoll. After completing the given task you will be offered several attractive rewards including – Paytm Wallet Cash, Gift Card Vouchers.


The EarnEasy app is specially designed for people who want to earn money without manual labor by utilizing their free time. You can easily transfer the money earned from the Alochya platform directly to your bank account or any digital wallet (UPI ID, Paytm). And then you can use it by transfer or bill payment as needed.


Rupiyo App similar to EarnEasy App is an ‘Easy Money Earning’ platform. It is designed in such a way that you are able to earn money by performing a few simple tasks. And you can send the earned money to your bank account or any digital wallet (UPI ID, Paytm) from this app. After which you will be able to spend the accumulated money at your own convenience.


You will be offered Free Mobile Recharge, Data Recharge (4G), and Wallet Cash in lieu of completing the listed tasks on the said platform. In this regard, Taskbucks is partnering with several leading wallet companies to offer their users more cash rewards and free postpaid mobile bill payment options up to Rs.500 per month.


From Cashbarron you can earn up to $100 per day in online mode or around Rs 8,200 in Indian price. For this, you need to complete some tasks. After that, you have to choose the reward you want to win for yourself. In this case, tasks like gaming rewards, surveys, and referrals are included in the app in question.

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