Popular microblogging platform Twitter recently made an important announcement. They said, now content creators will get an opportunity to earn through tweets. In a tweet on Thursday, Elon Musk’s company said that a portion of their ad revenue will be given to select users, meaning that eligible users can now earn money in exchange for tweets.

A portion of the revenue generated by Twitter from ads displayed on a content creator’s reply will be paid to that creator. But not all users will get this benefit, only verified creators will get this opportunity. Also, users must have at least 5 million impressions on each post in the last three months. Also there should be a strike payment account.
The Threads by Instagram app launched by Meta a few days ago has become one of Twitter’s rivals. So in such a situation it becomes a difficult matter for the company to retain the number of users. So with this move, Twitter seems to be trying to attract new users while retaining old users. Notably, earlier the company also gave creators the option to offer paid subscriptions for their tweets.
Twitter will not take any share of subscription revenue

Last year, American billionaire and Twitter boss Elon Musk said the company would not take a cut of its users’ subscription revenue. The full portion of subscription fee due by the user will be paid to him without incurring any payment gateway charges. However, even though it has announced to give a part of the advertisement revenue to the creator, the company has not yet said anything clearly about how much percentage will be given.

The number of users of the Threads app is increasing

Zuckerberg’s company Mater’s microblogging platform Threads has already become quite popular. And that’s why it’s being considered as an alternative to Twitter. Also, more than 10 crore users signed up within the first five days of its launch.

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