Last year, WhatsApp introduced users to the new Community feature, after which they rolled out multiple updates to improve the feature. Just recently, the Meta-owned instant messaging platform launched a new interface in the Community tab. As per the speculation, now to attract users, the company has started rolling out the new phone number privacy feature, which will be visible in the Community tab of both Android and iOS apps. But how will this new phone number privacy feature work? Let’s find out.


The new phone number privacy feature will add an extra layer of privacy to WhatsApp’s community options. Through this, a user who joins a community can always hide his phone number from other members.


In fact, joining a WhatsApp community hides the list of its members, so that its number is not accessible to others. But when such users react to messages or do something like that, their phone numbers are exposed. In that case, the phone number will never be exposed to others when this new feature is available – not even when reacting to community messages. By doing this, WhatsApp users will be able to maintain contact with the community with complete anonymity.

It should be noted that although the new phone number privacy feature is in effect, community admins and people who already have contacts saved will be able to see users’ phone numbers. That is to say, this feature will save strangers from annoyance!

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